How strong is the peak of level 1 civilization?

Scientists tell you the answer!

Level 1 civilization is a planetary civilization, which means that all available energy on the planet can be used, including wind energy, water energy, solar energy, and any energy available on the planet.

Of course, this does not exhaust all the energy on the planet, but See if the total value of the energy generated by these resources can reach 1016 watts per second.

This level of civilization can use all the resources available on their home planet to skillfully control the energy output of the entire world.

To achieve Level 1 civilization, at least master nuclear fusion technology, efficient use of solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, tidal energy and other clean energy sources, and popularize these energy technologies can freely move in the deep sea, the earth and near-Earth orbit.

Natural existence such as geological activities, atmospheric activities, marine activities, and biosphere can be controlled artificially. The cognition of the micro field also needs to be further improved.

Level 1 civilization has eliminated fossil fuels because they are limited and unsustainable, and are replaced by the energy produced by the natural processes that are taking place on the planet: wind, tides, sunlight, and geothermal energy.

Especially for the acquisition of solar energy, such as the idea of space-based solar energy proposed by NASA, it is to place a huge solar collector into the earth ’s orbit, where there is no diffusion of the earth ’s atmosphere and it is not affected by the night, and the utilization efficiency will increase exponentially.

As long as there is a method for converting high-efficiency solar energy into electrical energy, obtaining energy at this time is as simple as obtaining oxygen.

Rockets of level 1 civilization no longer use chemical dyes, because chemical fuel rockets have a limit speed.

Without the help of gravitational slingshots, they may not be able to break through the speed of the third universe, and it is impossible to break out of the solar system, so level 1 civilization cannot be used.

Chemical fuel propeller. Replaced by lithium-ion thrusters, positron-catalyzed nuclear fusion thrusters, and photon rocket engines.

In this way, the speed of the third universe can be easily surpassed, but the energy acquisition is only a manifestation of reaching first-class civilization.

The civilization at this time has evolved from sub-globalization of level 0 civilization to true globalization.

The world will have a universal language, which will be promoted globally as the official language and the national language will become dialect Both English and Chinese have this possibility.

It depends on how the future world pattern develops. There will be a universal currency, and the current various encrypted digital currencies are exploring in this direction.

Even more amazing is that the level 1 civilization can also control the global weather. The topics of global warming and sea level rise will be ended.

It can even avoid the next ice age, and it can accurately set the weather and weather forecast It will become as accurate as the program trailer. And the world will better coordinate rainwater.

It rains more in arid earths and less in wet areas. In the future, a whole year of weather may be formulated. You can make various plans for the next year, including buying clothes. This may be Will become a normal state.

If mankind reaches Level 1 civilization, it can control the energy output of the entire earth, control the weather, land, rivers and oceans, and even control the rise and fall of the material in the earth’s crust.

Humans have cured most diseases, and their life expectancy will be further improved, reaching the limit of natural life span, which is about 150 years old. Mankind will also build various living places in the sky, underground, and ocean.

Human footprints will also travel through the major planets and moons of the solar system, including the transformation of Mars and Venus, making it a habitable planet outside the earth.

At this stage, humans formally contacted alien civilizations, publicly visited all alien civilizations on Earth, and established preliminary diplomatic relations with them, and learned that there are evil alien civilizations in the universe.

Based on the fear of these evil civilizations, this At that time, the Voyager had not yet flown out of the solar system.

Humans will build more advanced detectors to catch up with the Voyager and destroy it, and at the same time no longer actively send radio signals into deep space.

The famous theoretical physicist Calais Daoxiong believes that it will take another 3,000 years to reach the full scientific and technological level of the first-level literature.

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